The electronic signature, soon also integrated into 5Fsoftware

The everyday life of a tax consultant or accountant is interwoven with signatures. From daily mail to contracts with notarial certification, the highest formal form of signature in Germany. Even in a highly digitized law firm, many signatures still have to be executed in the same way. The possibility of electronic signatures is a great time saving.

5FSoftware is now working with FPSign to integrate all forms of electronic signature into the platform from July 2020. This allows users to handle all communications – from the collection of documents to the finished signature – via the platform. There is no need to print and then upload audit reports or contracts, streamlining the entire process – the digital communication process is complete. Client communication 4.0

What types of electronic signature are there?

In the eIDAS (European Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trusted Services for Electronic Transactions), the legislator distinguishes between three types of electronic signature:


No legal requirements are required for this form.


In this case, several conditions must be met, as it also has a judicially effective evidence function. It must be

• be clearly and unambiguously linked to the signatory

• enable the identification of the signatory

• are created by means under the sole control of the signatory, such as telephone, tablet or PC;

• and ensure that the act to which it relates cannot be amended.


If an advanced signature is issued by a certification authority, it is the qualified electronic signature. The authority is a third trustworthy body that certifies the identity of the communication partner in electronic communication processes (so-called Trust Center). This is the highest and therefore most complex level of electronic signature and enables the establishment of electronic documents by notaries. This means, for example, that audit reports can also be sent digitally.

Electronic signature soon also available in the 5Fsoftware

From July, all three types of electronic signature will be integrated into our software. We chose the provider FPSign because it allows a flat rate system to be offered.* In addition, FPSign cooperates with the Federal Printing Office, which creates a particularly high level of trustworthiness. This enables our users to benefit from high efficiency, cost savings, data and legal certainty:

  • Visible optical signature including signature information
  • Comprehensive audit protocols on integrity and origin
  • Connection of the remote signature solution Sign-me of the Federal Printing House
  • Digital Identity Verification via VideoIdent with “Identity Trust”
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Registration with new identity card (nPA)
  • Use of electronic seals as an additional signature option
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