For tax advisors

REAL collaboration within your office – manage your data and documents with your clients via our innovative cloud platform and easily and quickly transfer all relevant data and documents to your advanced systems after completion.

Data sharing

  • Our Quickshare feature
  • Share password-protected documents with business partners
  • with no registration needed by the partner
  • available as Outlook AddIn, download here
  • Share documents (e.g. administrative notices, payroll documents, evaluations, etc.)
  • Chat feature
  • Summarize files
  • Protection of the obligation of confidentiality through internal rights management


  • Approval processes
  • Circulation for signature
  • Legally reliable signatures for you and your clients
  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Advanced electronic signature, learn more!

Project management

  • Summary statistics of client projects
  • Milestone view
  • Status overview
  • Simple categorization
  • For tasks, documents and status

Work flows

  • Verification of project participants
  • Sending of project documents

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Collecto – Your interactive checklist

Easy and structured collection, sharing and sorting. Collecto assists with the collection of:

  • Due diligence documents

  • Documents on the formation of limited liability companies

  • Documents for the drafting of contracts

  • And much more!
Discover Collecto!

5F Sign

Full integration: Sign directly via 5FSoftware.

  • From simple electronic signatures to advanced electronic signatures and qualified electronic signatures

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