More and more auditors and tax consultants are taking advantage of 5FSoftware`s collaboration platform. In contact with our customers, we also receive valuable feedback repeatedly.

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What customers say about 5FSoftware`s collaboration platform:


Sarah Kasper

Auditor and Tax Consultant


Sarah Kasper | Partner
Schlecht und Partner Auditor Tax Consultant |

“5FSoftware has enabled us to communicate and exchange documents with the customer in a more efficient and targeted manner. This helps me and my teams tremendously. By using 5FSoftware, we have saved time and can focus entirely on transaction advisory and auditing. In concrete terms, this means that we can offer the time we save to our clients as an added value.”



Malte Thalemann

Auditor, Tax Consultant, Diploma Merchant

Kemper Czarske v.Gronau Berz GbR
Auditors Lawyers Tax Consultants |

“5F understands the special requirements of auditing and tax consulting, implements them flexibly and thus enables us as LKC to communicate “at an eye to eye level” with our clients. “This applies to everything from posting and preparing annual financial statements to auditing consolidated financial statements on an international scale.”


Evelyn Oettinger

Evelyn Oettinger

Tax Consultant


Tax Consultant Haan Evelyn Oettinger |

“We chose 5F Software because this tool provides us with a secure and structured data room for exchanging and collecting data and documents. In addition, it was important for us at this point to have a partner at our side who is constantly developing. Our long-term goal is to have no more paperwork leaving the office and we are looking forward to realizing this with 5F in the future.”



Johannes Matthias Kleinlosen

Auditor, Diploma Merchant

Diploma Merchant Johannes Matthias Kleinlosen Auditor
Partner* of KHS PartG mbB |

“The KHS team has decided to implement selected solutions from 5F Software as part of the consistent implementation of its digitization strategy. KHS thus offers clients a secure and convenient portal that includes integrated solutions.”



Peter Harbauer

Auditor and Tax Consultant

RAW- Rath, Anders, Dr. Wanner & Partner mbB Auditing Firm |

“We are convinced that probably hardly any market provider can offer the variety and flexibility of application possibilities as the StartUp company 5FSoftware GmbH from Regensburg. In any case, the decision to choose this company as a partner was the right one.”



Marcel Meyer

Auditor and Tax Consultant


„In a short period of time 5F became an essential communication platform for us and especially our clients. 5F raises the bar to whole new level through its transparent, structured and effective collaboration.“



Julia Wenderoth

Tax Consultant

Relax-Tax-Steuerberautung-Logo Kopie

RELAX TAX UG Tax Consultant Firm Julia Wenderoth

„The innovative platform 5F enables me and my clients to provide an efficient, modern and straight tax consulting that lets them relax at the thought of their fiscal concerns. The unique collectos stand for a safe and time saving information and document exchange and amaze my clients and myself. The personal support through 5F rounds off the partnership in the best possible way“.


Marcus Dein-Steuerberater

Marcus Dein

Tax Consultant

Dein Digitaler Steuerberater

Marcus Dein (B.A.), Tax Consultant
@DEIN Digitaler Steuerberater, Landsberg a. L.

“With the client portal of 5FSoftware GmbH, I have a SaaS solution, which enables me to collaborate easily and effectively with my clients.” Keyword client communication 4.0: Efficient exchange of process-relevant documents and communication with clients in secure data rooms. This is possible in a super relaxed way with 5F.
Since the end of 2020, previously time-consuming and inefficient workflows, such as initialising new mandates for new clients, have been made much easier for my team and myself with the help of the client portal and have hence been raised to a new level.

Just some of the most valuable features of 5F from my point of view:

  • Easy onboarding of new clients
  • 5F Sign (digital signature) = integrated digital signature workflow
  • Collecto = structured collection of documents
  • Save structures and request lists as templates (e.g. JA, EStE, etc.)
  • Quickshare = secure sharing of documents with third parties (e.g. auditors)

Besides that I like the possibility of creating an own firm-URL for the clients portal as well as the clear dashboard which always gives me an overview over current projects and due dates.

“A real gamechanger for my tax firm.“


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