For clients

If you are a client, the Collaboration Platform offers a number of important advantages. Handling processes via the platform saves time, allows you to access the current status of a process and enables direct communication regarding the project. This makes cooperation efficient for both sides and represents an important step in the digital development of processes for handling complex cases and projects.

Access is completely free of charge for you.

Data sharing

  • Available for you as a client
  • Our Quickshare feature: Share password-protected documents with business partners
  • with no registration needed by the partner
  • available as Outlook AddIn, download here
  • Chat feature
  • Access to shared project spaces
  • Securely download documents shared with you
  • Securely submit documents to your advisor
  • Complete overview of all communication at all times


  • Our Collecto feature, learn more about Collecto!
  • Dashboard showing interactive checklists you received
  • Due dates
  • Easy retrieval, quick work
  • Direct communication online
  • Approval processes
  • Structured task work flows
  • Legally reliable signatures, available for clients as well
  • Directly via the platform
  • No installation required
  • Find out more

Your benefits

  • Easy password assignment
  • Optional with 2-factor authentication
  • 2 GB storage capacity
  • Available after and between cases as well
  • Use of the online storage also possible for other purposes, e.g. documents
  • Further sharing of documents with other parties such as banks, insurance companies and consultants
  • Personalised dashboard for a better overview
  • Available for your PC

You also wish to take advantage of a secure collaboration platform for your clients?

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Collecto – Your interactive checklist

Easy and structured collection, sharing and sorting. Collecto assists with the collection of:

  • Due diligence documents

  • Documents on the formation of limited liability companies

  • Documents for the drafting of contracts

  • And much more!
Discover Collecto!

5F Sign

Full integration: Sign directly via 5FSoftware.

  • From simple electronic signatures to advanced electronic signatures and qualified electronic signatures

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