Map internal firm processes easily in 5F: Mark elements with individually definable labels

Better sort, group or annotate documents and tasks: With 5F labels you are able to provide each process and document with its own label in order to map individual firm processes.

The standard settings offer you the usual “global” keywords, which are always available – but each firm can also create its own labels in 5F, just as needed.

Lables facilitate the overview

Keywords such as “FYI”, “check”, “ready”, “consultation” or “missing” and “important” are suitable for this – and it is possible to provide labels with different colors and icons. Besides the usual status-labels you can also use labels to create departmental assignments such as “Accounting”, “IT” or “Marketing” or you use the name of the specific colleagues you want to address, for example “Wagner_FYI”. Simultaneously, all processes are labeled with either “open”, “in progress” or “closed” and you can assign the priority, depending on the urgency, in 5 levels from “low” to “highest”.

5F Labels - Collecto

Order and Clarity

Central creation of labels by administrator

In-house terms or abbreviations often become established in every firm, which all employees know and use. With these labels that can be created freely, each firm can therefore maintain its own use of language on the 5F platform. Every label can be provided with an explanation which appears, when you move the mouse over it.

However, only one person determines which exact keywords are actually used as labels on the 5F Collaboration platform, so that one person doesn’t possibly enter “hurry” and another “urgent”.

5F Labels – Erstellung
5F Labels – Labelsuche

Filter labels using the label search

Central overview of used labels

If elements are labeled, they are easy to find again: Simply click on the label search in the menu bar, select the requested labels to be filtered by and a list of corresponding documents or processes appears, sorted by color. But you can also use the free text search function.

Statistics on label usage

Continuously improve firm processes

The statistics on label usage within your office, which can be accessed via the label search, indicate how often which label is used. This overview offers you the possibility to further optimize your internal firm workflows with the help of labels: Hardly used labels can be easily removed via the administration – creating space for new, individually definable labels.

5F Labels – Statistiken

Optimize internal firm processes with 5F Labels

5F Labels: No introduction of clients needed

If you are wondering, how to explain the use of labels to your clients: There is no need for that. The label function is intended exclusively for internal processes within your firm. Labels in 5F are only visible for administrators and your firm employees – and at the same time your clients profit from the smoth processes in your firm.

Advantages for your firm:

  • Mapping of internal office processes through individual labels – free use of different colors and symbols

  • Tasks, documents, Collecto elements – annotating different elements in 5F

  • centralized creation of labels by administrators – uniform labels for all employees

  • practical overview of used labels with filter and search function as well as statistics

  • invisible for clients – no introduction needed

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