We proudly present our August release to you today. In this way, we create even more transparency and traceability within the processes.

This release combines styling and functionality, which make the project space even clearer and also allows the creation and export of your own log file. Your 5F client communication is now becoming even more personal. Our new avatargives give your photo a personal touch.

You can now install the Outlook add-in into your Outlook and securely share documents with all your business partners directly from your usual environment.

The new timeline in the project room

  • “Seen by” function

  • “Like”

  • even clearer styling

  • Grouping by date

In the project space, communication comes to the fore.

Events and comments are now arranged more clearly among each other and grouped by date.
You can also like comments and use the “Seen by” feature to track who has already read a comment.

You can also read our new tutorial under FAQ /Help on the platform.

In the course of this, we have also fulfilled a customer request that has been submitted to us several times:

Project room Participants can only read comments from the time they have been added to the project room. This allows you to conveniently tune an outward-looking communication internally and then invite more participants at the right time.

Overview of rights in the project space

  • Full control over all permissions at all times

  • Assign permissions interactively

  • The exact overview at every point

The new permission view now allows you to see more easily which participants have access to what.

In the default settings, you have a graphical overview of the rights.
Depending on the project space, you can see the corresponding rights of all participants and also easily edit them.

The authorization view can be reached via the following points and the button “Advanced Settings”

  • Add a participant
  • Project room settings “All team members”
  • Folder properties in the project room and when a project room is started (gear icon)

Audit Trail

  • Automatic creation of a log file

  • Easy and safe to export

  • 100 Transparency and traceability

It is often necessary to record and archive all changes and comments in communication and collaboration.

The 5F Project Room Audit Trail supports you in this and provides you with a complete protocol at all times. Every change in a project room is written in a log file and can be read or exported in real time at any time by the project room owner. After that, you can add the log as a pdf or txt file to your file.

The 5F Project Room Audit Trail can be found under the settings in the project room.

Please note that a full audit trail only applies to newly started project rooms.

Outlook Add-In

  • Send documents securely from Outlook

  • quick and easy to use

  • as simple as an email

  • Send password automatically via SMS

  • can also be used for your client

The new Outlook add-in enables you to conveniently and securely use the QuickShare feature. And this directly from Outlook.

With this function you can send a (password protected) link to one or more documents.

If the recipient is not a user of the 5F platform, he receives an email with a link in order to view the document as well as your comment. This external user, in turn, is also able to securely send you a comment and a document.

If the recipient is a user of the 5F platform, you open a project space with this business partner/tenant and can continue to communicate there. The user does not have access to the folder behind it, but only has access to the document via the project space. Your client is notified by e-mail that new messages are present or/and receives a message on the platform.

Learn more about the Outlook add-in

Avatar – now also with picture

  • Customizable

  • Authentic

  • Personally

From now on, you can customize your avatar. Give digitalization a face and communicate even better with your clients via our modern platform. Combine the future of digitalization with the security of the requirements of your profession without having to decide on one.