We are constantly working on the further development of our platform in order to present the best benefit for you as a customer. Of course, we always incorporate feedback from our customers.

On our blog you can also view the new features, just click on “Techblog” and the posts are filtered by technical content.

Below is an overview of the new features in July:


  • Consolidate work flows into a project

  • Assemble project teams

The project can be used to group workflows hierarchically.

Start a Collecto, Quickshare, or Project Room in a project, and you’ll also receive a milestone view that shows you due dates at a glance.

All information from each project room is displayed in an overall project room.

You can also assemble a project team here, specifying whether or not they are automatically added to subproject rooms. Here as well you have complete rights management. If a participant is not a participant in the subproject room, he will not be shown related information in the overall project room.

Folder overview

  • When selecting the folder, see the respective properties

  • Manage access rights right on the spot

  • View the folder and properties associated with the project space at a glance directly in the project room

The new folder dialog allows you to flexibly set up, rename and delete folder structures. You can reach this right when selecting the folder or in the project room via the gear icon.

The folder properties in the folder dialog or project space allow you to control permissions on the folder and grant or revoke access to others via the 5F app or document area. In addition, you always keep track of which project rooms are accessing specific folders.

Document overview in the project room

  • Have full control over documents in the project space at all times

  • View properties of the documents directly in the project room

  • Synchronize DMS folder and project space with one click

You want to start a project room with an already existing folder from the DMS that already contains documents? No probelm.

The new document view in the project room settings allows you to flexibly show and hide or delete documents in the project room. This allows you to freely decide which documents are loaded in the project room for even clearer communication.

At the same time, you have an overview of which documents are in the linked folder and can therefore be seen via the app or the sync client. A preview (if available for the document) and a filter will help you choose.